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Re: Car covers

Subject: Re: Car covers
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 10:58:59 -0500
I agree with the sentiment that these covers aren't at all waterproof.  In 
fact, the lower end models which are said to be water resistant and breathe, 
are practically worthless.  The SpunBound (or SpunBond?) type is essentially a 
glorified form of Cheesecloth.  I was very disappointed.  I ordered it from 
Victoria British after the telephone clerk assured me that it was watertight.  
I wanted something for "emergency protection," like a surprise thunderstorm on 
a Summer evening.  I'd be able to just pull over somewhere and put the cover on 
the car, and hide out at a restaurant, gas station, or
under an umbrella.  (I don't mind driving in rain, but the Midget isn't really 
watertight in any traditional sense of the word.)

I think the best weather protection is a modular fabric-covered carport.  If 
you find one second hand, it could be a lot cheaper that the top-of-the-line 
car covers, which go up to about $200.

Frankly though, I'm intrigued by the "inflatable bubble" fan-vented car capsule 
that's advertised in Hemming's.


'74 Midget
'68 SPrite
Bloomfield, NJ

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