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Re: Panhard Rod

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Subject: Re: Panhard Rod
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Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 15:45:18 -0000
You mention 'panhard rod (V8-style)' as if it was a standard item on V8s, it
wasn't on the factory V8.  I too have noticed increased oversteer with only
mild stiffening at the rear.  I have had information from a couple of
sources now that if the rear is stiffened the front has to be more so to
prevent handling problems.  One of these sources related to the Audi TT that
was recalled for a slightly thinner rear bar and a slightly thicker front
bar to correct terminal oversteer.  The 'terminal' in this case related to
the occupants of a number of cars, that is, it killed them.  Be careful.


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Subject: Panhard Rod

> A couple of questions for you all....
> 1. A while ago I took the advice of this list (well... you know what I
> mean) and I fitted a lot of V8-type bits and pieces to strengthen and/or
> stiffen up the front suspension of my '68 (stock) MGB.  This was mainly
> because I was getting her/myself into sprint 'races'.  What a great
> improvement to handling - all was worth it.
> Then, because we always want... MORE..., I went a step further and
> uprated the sway bar to a bloody great 7/8 in an effort to try to keep
> both rear wheels on the ground during heavy cornering.  Without a LSD
> that 'flying' wheel was pretty useless spinning away when I wanted to go
> forward!  The 7/8 sway bar did the trick, but I had to learn a few more
> tricks to handle the additional oversteer that initially threw me off
> into the dust more than once.
> I now find on winding, bumpy roads, the car tends to 'shimmy' about -
> and on real corrugations she can tend to take herself towards the edge
> of the roadway.  Am I right in blaming the sway bar for this
> disconcerting movement?
> 2.  My next thought is now to stiffen up the rear end with the addition
> of a panhard rod (V8-style).  Any thoughts on this?
> Yes, she does ride the bumps pretty hard now (hell, who needs to let the
> suspension do its job) but seeing as I have gone this far am I going to
> see a significant improvement by limiting the rear axle movement with
> the panhard rod?
> 3.  I have searched the 'Net... and a few online catalogs... but I can't
> find a price on a panhard rod for my 'B.
> Can someone throw me the price of a new item and maybe what I could get
> one for 2nd hand?  I have had an offer of one locally (Australia) that I
> am told is a Moss item but the person offering couldn't give me a price
> at the time (I assume he bought it and didn't pinch it:-) and I couldn't
> see the price in the online Moss catalog- so I wonder what I should
> offer.
> Any advice gratefully received.
> Eric
> '68MGB MkII

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