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Re: MG Midget Bumper Replacement

To: Dan <>
Subject: Re: MG Midget Bumper Replacement
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 07:29:11 -0600
Dan wrote:

> 1979 Midget bumpers:
> If I take it off, can I install a chrome bumper from
> earlier models?  If so which ones?
> Thanks
> Dan

The short answer is no.  The CB model bumpers were more ornamental than
anything else and were attached only strongly enough to hold them in
place.  The RB model bumpers were energy absorbing and are much
stronger, heavier, and mounted as part of the structure.  Look at both
side by side and you will see what I mean.

Oh yes, it can be done.  Anything can be done w/ a lot of time, money,
etc., but it would not be easy.

Larry Dickstein
Lone Jack, MO

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