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Re: Emissions in Illinois

Subject: Re: Emissions in Illinois
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 16:56:23 -0800
How about it, Ed Kaler?  That's your neck of the woods, as I recall.

Bud Krueger
77MGB (not emission-inspectable in Mass.) wrote:

> My 72 B will have to go through emissions this year.  In the past I would
> detune...hobble in ....pass the a block ...reset timing and
> carbs and be happy till next time...would do this forever but now Illinois
> does not let the driver sit in the car...they drive it in, and spin the
> wheels to test.  So the old method is gone.  Now I sell my car that I
> love and have brought back from near death over the last 10 years , and buy a
> older car.....if I get antique insurance and plates will that get me out of
> testing...If I drop in a pre 69 engine will that get me out of it...if I
> change the engine serial number to reflect pre testing manufacture,might that
> get me past testing procedure...Do I break the law and change the VIN  ... I
> want to be legal...anyone know how to help me in Illinois?      Thanks
> Jerry

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