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Re: grounding MGB

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Subject: Re: grounding MGB
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Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 09:21:04 -0000
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> Remember that when it comes to electrics, there are two very distinctly
> different cars.. Metal dash (generator, positive ground) and plastic
> dash.(alternator, negative ground, different instrument sizes)

Only in North America.  The Rest of the World used metal dash for the life
of the car.

> To answer the question, on the steel dash car the small lugs on the
> ground to Each Instrument. Every one of your gauges is mounted to the dash
> via 2 metal clips that slide  down threaded studs protruding from the rear
> the instrument and are fastened by knurled nuts and washers. Grounding
> place via slipping a ground lug under the the knurled nut and washer
> installing, one per instrument. (use which ever side of the instrument
> works best for the wiring harness) This causes the instrument and harness
> both to ground to the dash at that point.

The harness is grounded elsewhere and that is how the instruments (and the
wipers etc) are grounded.  Any grounding via the dash is purely


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