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Re: Harness repair

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Subject: Re: Harness repair
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Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 09:25:25 -0000
Yes, but you must find the cause before powering up and doing it again.  If
you haven't found it yet look downstream of the white i.e. ignition warning
light, fuel pump, overdrive, inertia switch, fuseblock and the wiring to
them, of course.


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Subject: Harness repair

> I just managed to melt wires on a new harness. The melt down occured at
> ignition switch and going into the fuse box. White and Brown wires were
> involved. I am planing to cut and splice new wires using soldered bullet
> connectors and the standard connectors. Is this method of repairng the
> OK for this situation?
> Thanks, Vic

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