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Re: Emissions in Il.

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Subject: Re: Emissions in Il.
From: Chris Attias <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 10:29:52 -0800

I don't know anything about Illinois testing, but I did go around 
with the folks in CA, though this was before we got the chassis dyno 
style test.  The standards, though, were pretty stringent.  I was 
told that Weber carburated or Spica injected Alfa Spiders from the 
late 60's-early 70's --in excellent tune--were finding it impossible 
to pass the test protocol.

DON'T SELL IT!  First question is whether there are smog parts 
missing.  Do they all work? Is it really just a matter of setting the 
carb and ignition?  Have you checked out other stuff?  How's the cam? 
Stock?  Valves properly adjusted?  Carb spindles not too sloppy? 
Thermostat working correctly?  Were you passing before by using fancy 
footwork on the gas pedal?

I took my mildly modified '67 in for a CA test--idle and 2500rpm--no 
load, and failed a couple of times.  Set everything to pass at idle, 
and it would fail at faster speed, and visa versa.  I had new carbs, 
richer needles to start with, a recently rebuilt engine with slightly 
larger intake valves and a non-stock road cam.  Finally found that it 
was the overlap of the cam which was causing the problem.  Changed it 
out for a Victoria British regrind one weekend, and passed the next 

Because we had the Gross Polluter sanctions, I found it best to do a 
couple of pre-tests off-line with someone who knew how to adjust dual 
SUs.  They are becoming harder to find these days!

Good luck!

Chris Attias
'64 MGB
'84 Alfa Romeo GTV-6

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