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Drainless Question

To: "MG List" <>
Subject: Drainless Question
From: "David Hill" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 18:38:59 -0000
Hello, All.

I need professional help!
The footwell carpets in Rex ('72 BGT) are sopping wet, so I thought I'd
clear the drain hole-the one that leads to the tube in the gearbox tunnel.
Unfortunately, There is no such hole. The base of the plenum chamber has
been wodged up with black kack all around the edges.
So, to avoid unscientific prodding, can anyone tell me where the drain hole
should be? I think, if we say left/right side and to the front or rear of
the base of the plenum chamber (i.e. cockpit bulkhead or engine bulkhead).

Thanks in advance,

Dave Hill

David Hill/Psychomotor
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