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Re: Drainless Question

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Subject: Re: Drainless Question
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 19:49:51 -0000
It's near the RHS, fairly central (fore and aft-wise) as I recall.  If it's
completely lost then try poking up from underneath - but with an adequately
supported vehicle and a closed mouth.


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Subject: Drainless Question

> Hello, All.
> I need professional help!
> The footwell carpets in Rex ('72 BGT) are sopping wet, so I thought I'd
> clear the drain hole-the one that leads to the tube in the gearbox tunnel.
> Unfortunately, There is no such hole. The base of the plenum chamber has
> been wodged up with black kack all around the edges.
> So, to avoid unscientific prodding, can anyone tell me where the drain
> should be? I think, if we say left/right side and to the front or rear of
> the base of the plenum chamber (i.e. cockpit bulkhead or engine bulkhead).
> Thanks in advance,
> Dave Hill
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