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Re: Does the OD tranny require a shorter drive shaft?

To: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Subject: Re: Does the OD tranny require a shorter drive shaft?
From: Phil Bates <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:36:56 -0700
I really can't say definitively if a different speedo is needed or not for a 4
synchro.  For the 3-synchro the gauge is the same OTHER THAN THE INTERNAL
GEARING which is only about 5% different - a difference that one could come out
with from the wrong tires.  Anyhow, like I said, I am not sure with the 4
synchro - but I would suspect the same.  If you want to know and don't want to
look it up call Noisenger or that place in california (can't remember their
name, they both advertise in Hemmings).  Be sure to ask based on year, model
with OD vs. not, and if the internal parts are EXACTLY the same, or just close
to the same.

Phil Bates

"Kai M. Radicke" wrote:

> The speedometer does not need to be changed, I repeat... the speedometer
> does not need to be changed.  The only difference is the face of the two
> speedometer, the internals are all the same.  It is a simple swap... and
> much less costly than purchasing a new or used unit.  Not to mention that if
> you have a sad looking speedometer, a new face can really bring the life
> back to it!
> Call Nisonger /
> They'll have the face in stock.
> Again this is another "ask me how I know" learning experiences ;-)
> Cheers!
> --
> Kai M. Radicke --
> '74 Triumph TR6 --
> > And the speedometer will need replaced, I think the 1280
> > is the o/d and the 1000 is the regular. Or maybe its the
> > other way around. My BGTs are home right now, out of
> > the snow, so I can't verify that part. But its one or the other.
> >
> > David
> >
> > 67 BGT   w O/D
> > 71 BGT   w O/D

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