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Re: Potential Wayside Gathering

To: Steve Walker <>, mglist <>
Subject: Re: Potential Wayside Gathering
From: Frank Krajewski <>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 11:02:30 -0500
Let's keep it simple. Pick a date and time convenient for Hans and publish it
here. Then you can be assured we will show! Some of us may want to caravan,
especially if the weather is problematic. Other than that we should be ok. Maybe
breakfast? Brunch? When the time is close we could ask for a "show of hands" and
call the Inn for reservations of just to alert them. As President of the British
MotorCars of New England, I find the more spontaneous events are generally the
most widely accepted.
Frank "Swamp Yankee" Krajewski

Steve Walker wrote:

> The following have expressed an interest in an early Y2K NE meet, Wayside Inn:
> Hans Duinhoven <>,
> Frank Krajewski <>,
> Joe Short <>,
> Bud Krueger <>,
> Michael J Robson <>,
> Steve Walker <>,
> Carl French <>,
> Trefor Delve <>,
> Steve Bettencourt <>
> Is there some chapter that should be organising this (I'm new to MG's, and
> not a member of anything, other than Moss' mailing list!)
> We need to pick a date, w/e seems to be preferred. Sun 9th Jan, or Sat 15th
> Jan might be candidates to accomodate Hans. How do we handle snow/wet salt,
> etc.? Cancel, come anyway in LAV's (large American vehicles), or what.....
> Wayside Inn is off route 20, in Sudbury, MA. Phone (978)443 1776
> >From I-495: follow route 20 east through Marlborough. When 20 slims down to
> two lanes as you leave, there will be the Wayside Country Store on your
> right. Bear right before the lights to make a left turn onto the Wayside
> Inn road. Follow road past the Grist Mill (famous) on the right, and the
> Mary Martha Chapel (famous) and the Little Red School House (famous) on the
> left. Wayside Inn is then on the left.
> >From 128: follow route 20 west through Weston, Wayland, and most of
> Sudbury. Look for sign for Wayside Inn on right a couple of miles beyond
> Sudbury centre. Take the right, Inn is on right. If you miss the turn, and
> come to the Marlborough line, turn right at the lights at the line, and
> follow round, back to the Inn, past famous stuff!
> Steve Walker
> '78B, psLE

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