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Re: Potential Wayside Gathering

To: Hans Duinhoven <>
Subject: Re: Potential Wayside Gathering
From: Carl French <>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 05:37:06 -0500
Hans Duinhoven wrote:
> All right guys,
> Who'll be my prime contact? Remember I'm still in The Netherlands...
> EMC promised to give me more details of my trip by today, so I hope to have
> a first meeting date set this week.
Oh Yeah,,, Hans.....I think we forgot about you there for a few
minutes...Do you think you still will be able to come? I mean especially
since we have named the event after you. You might want to scan an image
of yourself to Steve, now the event Chairman. He will be in charge of
inscribing your image on a special medallion commemorating your arrival
in the new world. <VVBG>(LOL)
You can tell the cold, non-LBC weather is getting to us here :-)

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