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Re: Tech/mech Overdrive Question

To: Dennis and Kathy Skog <>,
Subject: Re: Tech/mech Overdrive Question
From: Phil Bates <>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 12:33:52 -0700
OK, I went out to the garage to take care of this.  Took off the nuts at the
brake plate, and did a little whacking with the dead-blow hammer, but it just
doesn't want to budge at all.  Got any other good suggestions on how to get in
there??  Or can I access it splitting that intermediate section from the whole
overdrive portion - based on the diagrams, I am guessing that will not come
apart because of this very cam, but if it will come apart, let me know.

Thanks again!
Phil Bates

Dennis and Kathy Skog wrote:

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> From: Phil Bates <>
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> Date: Friday, December 24, 1999 7:21 AM
> Subject: Tech/mech Overdrive Question
> >I am trying to
> >separate the gearbox section from the intermediate housing and OD so >that
> I can dismantle it.  It is loose, but something holds them together >when
> pulled to about 1 inch apart.  Anyone have knowlege of what I >didn't get
> removed or loosened, >Thanks!
> >Phil Bates
> >Phil,
> Just did the same job a few months ago.
> What is keeping your overdrive on is a small spring ring that holds
> the pump cam in place on the end of the transmission mainshaft. If you have
> a Moss catalog , look at the early overdrive parts breakdown near or on page
> 24. The spring ring I'm referring to is item # 47 and the cam is item # 45
> part #'s 466-655 and 466-650. In my overdrive the spring ring  groove on the
> mainshaft is round but still would not easily pull off the shaft so I had to
> separate the od at the brake ring in order to loosen the spring ring.  Good
> Luck !!
> Dennis Skog
> '64 MGB angel
> '66 MGB baby
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