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Merry Xmas & MG presents!

To: <>
Subject: Merry Xmas & MG presents!
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 11:05:06 +1100
Merry Xmas everyone!!!

I had to write and tell about my MG presents!! It's Xmas already here in
Sydney you see. My girlfriend gave me a 1:43rd scale 1966 MGB model of the
Marathon de la Route car. Great detail, and also a 1:18th scale Corgi MGB in
BRG which is a really great display model. :) Would you believe it, but she
also bought me an Engine Tilt Adjuster which I really need (how'd she work
that one out?? must have been during one of my rants <G>), and a gift
voucher for my favorite tool shop!!! <G> I'll be like a kid in a candy
store. lol!

Hmm.. I just might have to keep this girl. <VBG> lol! Unfortunately I can
only rate 9.9/10 as like Ray, I have been unable to find the K3/PB/Twin Cam
& CGTS hidden anywhere on the premises. ;)) I figure she's just waiting till
later this afternoon to spring that one on me. <G> Neighbours must have it,
yeah thats it Neil.... <G> Boy I'm greedy. lol!

Have a great day everyone! :) Traditional Xmas in Australia for many is an
outside BBQ sitting in the sun - beer, prawns, steaks, sausages and salads.
Occasionally there's a turkey and ham. :) Today it's raining in Sydney, and
quite cool. Very bizarre weather for this time of year as it's normally over
100F. One day I'll get to have a white Xmas and a roast dinner somewhere in
the world!! :)

Xmas Cheers,

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