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Re: Merry Xmas & MG presents!

To: "Neil Cotty" <>
Subject: Re: Merry Xmas & MG presents!
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 00:33:01
100F?  I wish.  I think it's down around 8F here (yes, eight).  A 92F
difference.  In fact, I had my B out of the garage temporarily and couldn't
get it started (will have to give it a jump tomorrow).  First Xmas without
snow in about 10 years though...

At 11:05 AM 12/25/99 +1100, Neil Cotty wrote:
> Today it's raining in Sydney, and quite cool. Very bizarre weather
>for this time of year as it's normally over 100F. 

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