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Re: Not much chance..

To: <>
Subject: Re: Not much chance..
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 18:46:37 +1100
Thanks everyone for the great responses, it seems the starter just fell on a
dead spot. When I turned it a little by hand, I could turn the car over no
problem! Learn something new every day! <G> :)

My MGA is almost back together and is looking a whole lot better than
before. Unfortunately my trolley jack has died somehow, so I can't get her
off the jack stands!!! <G> The batteries have gone flat and is now
recharging (god I hate 6 volt batteries!) but worst of all, horror of
horrors, I've found I reassembled that UJ incorrectly.. ARRGHHH!!! Now I am
going to have to take it apart again... #@(*!(!)*!!!!

Yeah, yeah, a 6 pack of beer first to humour me. ;)


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