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Re: Not much chance..

Subject: Re: Not much chance..
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 19:07:19 +0000
Neil Cotty wrote:
> horrors, I've found I reassembled that UJ incorrectly.. ARRGHHH!!! 
> Now I am going to have to take it apart again... #@(*!(!)*!!!!

But Neil, this is what the holidays at this time of year are for.  If
everything fell into place the first time we did it we would run out of
stuff to do!

BTW for the Aussies on the list, I expect the invitations to visit
tracks in each State to start now.  With the cheap Summer fares looking
like they may carry on longer as Virgin starts up here we can all start
flitting from track to track - just so long as we can fit our little
cars on as hand luggage!

$330 to Perth from Adelaide... looks like I am going to have a look at
Barbagallo.  And for less than $200 to Melbourne... can someone lend me
a car to run around Winton?  This could be fun.


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