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RE: Title/Plates Cost

Subject: RE: Title/Plates Cost
From: "Nevard, Chris" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 06:26:17 -0000
In Britain we pay 155 ($270) per vehicle per year if it was built after
31st Dec 1972. Cars before this date are tax free.

It all adds up when you consider the price of gas and insurance on top.  

Chris Nevard
71 MG Midget
78 MGBGT     

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From: Charles Hill []
Sent: 29 December 1999 06:08
Subject: Re: Title/Plates Cost

Those of you who are complaining about high costs to register your LBCs
should consider moving to Missouri.  My total cost to keep my 6 vehicles
in good graces with the state and local governments was $383.  Most of
this expense was incurred by my wife's late model Chevy - about $225 in
personal property tax and $ 24 in annual license fees.  That leaves $
134 for the other cars.  License fees for my truck and the 75 Porsche
were $47 (They are both due at the same time and I don't remember what
each one cost.)  The remaining $87 is personal property tax on the
truck, Porsche, 68 VW dune buggy and the 46 & 49 MG TCs.  (The property
tax by the way goes mostly to the local school district and public
library.)  The MGs and the Dune Buggy are registered as historic
vehicles for a one-time $20 fee.  The Porsche will be eligible for
historic plates in 2000 as a 25-year-old vehicle so I will have even
less to pay in the future.

Charles Hill
46 MG TC Home model
68 VW Dune Buggy (Myers Manx clone)
75 Porsche 914 (original car - purchased new by my father)
92 GMC Sonoma
96 Chevrolet Corsica (Wife's car)

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