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RE: Imported British Autos

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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 14:09:11 -0500

I was unlucky enough to have my Dad buy me a 4-door, 1966 black one. Four
cylinder, 4-speed, rear wheel drive. Styling? looked the same coming
and going. Power?...forget it! Handling?...I ended up rolling it on to it's
roof my senior year. I should have seen it coming. Dad drove a '64 Rambler
Station wagon and my mom a '62 Studebaker Lark. That was 1968 and I was 17
yrs old. Scarred me for life. Haven't been able to have a decent automobile
relationship since. All I have had is a series of love/hate or love 'em and
leave 'em affairs. Around 1971, I went off the deep end a got into
mainlining the really hard core stuff. I found a lonely '66 "B" in a barn
outside Lexington, Kentucky. She had been stripped naked for paint, painted
and her former lover lost interest and abandoned her there. I young and
vulnerable, she was alluring and sensual.  It has been one right after
another since them. The stories I could tell you...
New to the list...hopefully I got this right

Tom Speed
Charlotte, North Carolina
'76 Midget(project car for my son)
Ghosts of dozens of British sports cars

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        I had a college chum who owned a Simca. Pretty crummy car if I
remember. I think it was imported from France, which somehow made it
better in his eyes.

        Wasn't the Cricket imported from Japan? Not one of the world's
cars either.

        Better stick to collecting AMC Pacers. :-) wrote:
>  Does anyone remember the Simca and the Cricket? I belive they were
> by Crysler.
> R Sexson
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