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Re: Imported British Autos

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Subject: Re: Imported British Autos
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 14:40:48 -0800
Simca was a French marque, bought by Chrysler and operated by them as a 
European subsidiary (I'm looking at a picture of the 1957 Simca Aronde 
Grand Large -- it has a 1300 engine, which gives you an idea of how 
"large" it really was!). I remember Plymouth having 2 captive imports at 
one time, the Cricket and the Arrow. Later they added a Champ and a 

Looking it up, I see the Cricket was a badge-engineered Hillman Avenger, 
marketed from 1971-73. The others were Mitsubishis. had this to say:

> Does anyone remember the Simca and the Cricket? I belive they were imported
>by Crysler.
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