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Re: Superchargers

To: Eric <>, MG List <>
Subject: Re: Superchargers
From: (Paul Nelson)
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 10:57:41 -0800
At 12:22 AM 12/31/99 +0000, Eric wrote:
>1955 Pegaso Z102 Berlinetta Touring
>If you fall in love with the picture and the description as it has been
>"totally rebuilt to 'Pebble Beach' Concourse Standard"... then dig deep
>in your wallet for $US560,000 - yes, I checked and rechecked for a
>misplaced decimal point but...
>Check it out for yourselves...

        That is totally CHEAP, considering it's production price.  In 1955,
that car cost $50,000!  I fell in love with it then, in a picture book
together with Healey's (the original, as well as the hyphenated Nash- and
Austin-), Kaiser-Darrins, and a bunch of other beautiful toys.  I think
that is what inspired me to buy an old Mark VII Jag later, and still later
to get wired on MGBs.
Paul Nelson

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