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HELP, odometer freaked out at 100K

Subject: HELP, odometer freaked out at 100K
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 22:45:17 EDT
Just turned 100,000 miles on our 71 MGB GT.  At the change from 99,999 the 
odometer quit working.  Now the "window" shows parts of all the 9's and parts 
of the 0's.  The trip odometer quit also.  I fiddled with the trip odometer 
reset and changed it to various readings but it did not register even though 
I was traveling at interstate speed.  BTW, the spedometer still works fine.

Is this an expected occurance?  Has anyone had experience with this 
phenomenon?  If I repair this, will I have to do it again in 30 years?  I'll 
be 90 years old then.

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