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RE: Head swap latest + tyre pressures

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Subject: RE: Head swap latest + tyre pressures
From: David Councill <>
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 10:56:58 -0600
Are we dealing with hot or cold? There is a difference. The 21/24 are for 
cold tire pressures. I usually adjust mine after the car has been driven 
for a number of miles. For warm tires, I usually go 28 front, 32 rear.


At 11:26 AM 4/4/2001 +0100, scott beavis wrote:
> >Factory recommended tyre pressures for a 155/14 equipped roadster and
> >equipped GT are 21 front and 24 rear
>The tyre would look half flat at that pressure and also be impossibly heavy
>to drive. The steering creaks and groans as it is. I am using a brand new
>tyre pressure gauge. I obviously thought my old one was over reading so
>bought another one.
> >plus 6psi for sustained speeds at or
> >near the maximum.  Is the steering free with the front off the ground and
> >supported under the spring pans?
>I will check this. I was worried about jacking under the cross member as it
>doesn't look level underneath. I'll jack under the spring pans then. I need
>to remove the front wheels and have a poke around anyway.

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