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Re: Head swap latest + tyre pressures

Subject: Re: Head swap latest + tyre pressures
From: Eric <>
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 20:17:07 +0000
scott beavis wrote:
> >Factory recommended tyre pressures for a 155/14 equipped roadster 
> >and 165/14 equipped GT are 21 front and 24 rear
> The tyre would look half flat at that pressure and also be 
> impossibly heavy to drive. The steering creaks and groans as it is. 
> I am using a brand new tyre pressure gauge. I obviously thought my 
> old one was over reading so bought another one.
> >plus 6psi for sustained speeds at or
> >near the maximum.  Is the steering free with the front off the 
> >ground and supported under the spring pans?

I have experimented throughout last season and I found my 185/14 (60
profile) tyres gave the best grip/handling at speed with 32psi fron and
34/35psi rear.  Working on the +5psi rule for circuit work this would
mean, of course, 28psi front and 30 rear - but I normally don't worry
about front/rear differences when just driving normally and would stick
with 28/30psi all round.

You still haven't let on with your tyre sizes?

BTW I think my poor little car is going too fast for my 185s now - so I
am just about to put in my order for 205s (making up five and a half
inch wide rims on standard centres to try to keep within trak).  You
reckon *you* have heavy steering!

Oh yeah, I had better acknowledge Barney's tyre advice before he tells
me off!


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