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Re: mgb chrome bumpers - advice

To: "Dan Hackney" <>, <>
Subject: Re: mgb chrome bumpers - advice
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 20:01:22 -0500
At 6:44 PM -0400 4/4/01, Dan Hackney wrote:
>I will need new chrome bumpers after the new paint, and I haven't ordered
>anything yet because I remember reading this from lister Bill S. a while ago
>during the infamous "Why Kai bought a Tri**ph" thread:
>"...ask yourself why suppliers like Moss don't make a premium bumper that
>has chrome that won't corrode and fall off while sitting on the shelf?"
>If Moss's replacement bumpers are truly of the above quality, does anyone
>make a better bumper?

Moss generally has parts as good as any. However, if you want 
original quality, you might look into having your original bumpers 
rechromed. Around these parts the cost is quite similar to 
replacement bumpers, and the quality of the originals is unlikely to 
be matched.
Bob Shaw
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