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Re: mgb chrome bumpers - advice

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Subject: Re: mgb chrome bumpers - advice
From: "Jeff Fayne" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 21:56:26 -0500
 Three years ago I had all the bumper pieces on my 70 'B (front, 2 piece
 and 4 over-riders) rechromed for $350 at a local rechromer. The front
 over-rider induced dents removed, which they included in the price.  They
 did an outstanding job and there is not visible indication that the front
 bumper was repaired (other than the hammer marks on the backside where they
 removed the dents). Chrome work is very bright and deep. In hindsight, I
 should of brought all the chrome pieces on the car to him to do as I was
 doing a total resto at the time.

 J.G Metal Finishing
5720 West Grand Avenue
 Chicago, IL   60639
 773-745-3325  FAX

 The owner's name is Henry Guillen. Henry just bought out the old owner back
 then and I believe this is still the name of the shop. Haven't been back
 since, so I can't vouch for them recently, but it's worth a call.

'70 MGB

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> > Have any of you looked for a local bumper recycler.  They would often be
> able
> > to strip the old chrome, straighten minor damage and plate your bumper.
> This
> > is what body shops did with chrome bumpers.  It was an exchange program.
> > There are a lot more recyclers now as plastic bumpers require less
> equipment
> > investment but if you find an old timer they will probably still be
> > this work on a limited basis.
> > Anyone interested in this approach and near Chicago I suggest Calco
> Plating.
> >
> > George

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