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Re: mgb hood - advice

To: "Dan Hackney" <>, <>
Subject: Re: mgb hood - advice
From: "Michael Lupynec" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 10:19:19 -0400
Can't see your hood damage, but if its aluminum he's right. If its
steel a lead fix should do it. Worst case, a temprary fix while u
spend the next few years finding a replacement hood, without
getting jammed.

Mike L
60A, 67E,59Bug

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From: Dan Hackney <>

> Hello everyone,
> Well, as some of you remember I was debating between two
possible painters
> for my '72 MGB.  Initially the "less experienced" guy was going
to do, it
> but at the last minute he backed out so we went with the one who
has done
> mg's before and he seemed really good. (was repairing a tri***h
from hail
> damage when I was there).  Anyway, after stripping the hood of
all paint, we
> found a circular section of bondo about 9" in diameter, the
results of the
> original metal fan going through some years back.  He
recommended a
> replacement hood because the heat in that area would lead to
cracks in the
> new paint job over time.  I asked about alternatives, recalling
> Lundgren's recent bad experience trying to find a good hood, but
he said in
> the long run this needs to be done or we will regret it>

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