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Re: mgb hood - advice

To: "Dan Hackney" <>,
Subject: Re: mgb hood - advice
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 19:47:05 -0600 (MDT)
I had the same problem with the steel hoods that I got.  The damage was
such that they would have had to chase it across the hood to fix it,
and end up with a hood full of bondo.  A ding you might be able to get
away with, but there was no guarantee with a warp or dent in the hood.

I ended up spending $130 on the steel hood from VB.  If you are after
an AL one, you will have a wait.  It was going to be till May until
anyone had one.  

I spoke with a local guy on the hoods, he said he could not tell a
difference between the OEM and original.  I was just happy to get one
that the body shop said was perfect.  My car is a '70, so AL and steel
were both correct for it depending on when the car was built.

If you have one shipped in, DO NOT accept it before you inspect it. 
You have to fully inspect the hood for damage, if there is any, reject
it immediately.  The trucker will wait for you.  If you don't reject
it, then shipping back is yours to pay, and it will cost $80-100.  I
had my hood shipped straight to the body shop.  (I still haven't seen

On Wed, 04 Apr 2001 18:38:20 -0400, Dan Hackney wrote:

>Well, as some of you remember I was debating between two possible painters
>for my '72 MGB.  Initially the "less experienced" guy was going to do, it
>but at the last minute he backed out so we went with the one who has done
>mg's before and he seemed really good. (was repairing a tri***h from hail
>damage when I was there).  Anyway, after stripping the hood of all paint, we
>found a circular section of bondo about 9" in diameter, the results of the
>original metal fan going through some years back.  He recommended a
>replacement hood because the heat in that area would lead to cracks in the
>new paint job over time.  I asked about alternatives, recalling Andrew
>Lundgren's recent bad experience trying to find a good hood, but he said in
>the long run this needs to be done or we will regret it.  So, Andrew said
>his hood from VB was a good one.  Was it repro or original?  Anyone else
>know a good manufacturer/vendor?
>Thanks for any advice, and expect some pictures in a month or so!
Andrew Lundgren

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