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RE: Seat Upholstery Questions

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Subject: RE: Seat Upholstery Questions
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Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 11:32:06 -0700

        Sorry that you had a bad experience.  Lack of instructions is a sore
point, and something that we would like to remedy.  

        Some of the later MGB seat kits are supplied by the manufacturer
with basic instructions, others are not.  There are some very good
restoration books that cover the MGB installation in detail, and we hope if
someone is restoring an MGB that they have both a workshop manual and a
restoration guide such as Lindsay Porter's excellent "Guide to Purchase and
DIY Restoration". 

        Realistically, tops and upholstery although possible to install by
dedicated DIY enthusiasts are usually better left to experienced installers
who have a feel for how the material stretches.

        This was reinforced when I attempted to recover the stock seats in
my '65 MGB.  I spent a couple of hours doing what I thought was a good job
stretching and installing the bottoms.  When it got to the backs, I decided
to give up and hand the project off to an expert.  Imagine my chagrin when
my mistakes on installing the bottoms were politely pointed out;  Not
stretched enough, piping not rotated to the correct location, pleating not
pulled down into correct position on the cushion etc.

        In many cases upholstery, tops and carpet have to be glued down
after careful stretching and fitting.  You get one chance to get it right.
Following written instructions is not going to give you the expertise
necessary to guarantee a good job.  

        There is a definite need for more information to be made available,
fortunately the internet and web sites make the dissemination much easier.
The whole British car community is working hard towards putting a lot more
technical information onto the web so that some of the arts required to
restore and maintain British cars remain available.



> > read through
> > the directions that came with the Moss kit.  
> When I got my Moss kit there were no directions.  I called 
> them and was told 
> that they had none to offer.
> I just don't understand why most of you have such better 
> experience with 
> those b@#$%^& than I.

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