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Re: MGB aerodynamics

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Subject: Re: MGB aerodynamics
From: "Larry B. Macy" <>
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 08:26:50 -0400

My guess, with a limited knowledge of areodynamics:

On 4/8/01 1:58 AM, "Larry Hoy" <> wrote:

> I have some questions about aerodynamics.
> Roadsters, no top
Worst - that wind screen acts as a big spoiler and creates a lot of
turbulence behind it.

> Roadsters, convertible
Better, the flow goes over the whole car and does not have the open ole to
create more drag.

> Roadsters, hardtop
Not sure if better than a convertible top or not. It really would depend on
the design of the top. On my Midget the hard top sticks up and in front of
the wind screen so that has to increase drag.

> GT coupes
Has to be the best of the bunch.
> At what general speed does the aerodynamic shape of a car become a significant
> factor?
My recollection is about 20 - 30 mph. And increases as speed increases.
> Of the above configurations, does anyone have any knowledge as to the most
> "slippery"
> configuration?
> Thanks.
Your welcome
> Larry Hoy
As for actual Cd's - I have no idea, but compared to today's cars they ain't

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