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Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 22:06:43 -0400
Gotta ask this again, as there were zero responses, and if I'me going to 
order a new part, I'd like to get one on order. Here's the edited version:

I haven't been inside an engine since the early '70, so I dove in with a 
hesitation. Not too bad once I got things going. The head gasket was gone 
in a section about a quarter inch wide between #2 and #3 cylinder, as 
expected. No damage to the head or block that a couple minutes with a 
stone didn't take care of. Cylinders looked good, and the piston tops 
cleaned up of their accumulated carbon build up with some work.

The first surprise was a bright thin worn edge where the #2 exhaust valve 
had been making very slight contact with the top of the head. I would say 
no more than .005 inches deep. Sounds like there wasn't enough valve 
clearance, but is it that close with standard parts? I've seem Barney's 
web page on how to grind clearance for a high lift cam, but this one is 
supposedly standard. Maybe the valve was partially opened all the time, 
which sure wouldn't help much!

I also found the vacuum tube between the carb and the dizzy was just a 
loose slip fit at the joint below that thingy in the middle of the tube 
assembly (What is that thingy, anyway? An accumulator?) Any suggestion 
for reconnecting this joint for someone who does a lousy job with a 
soldering gun? Super glue? JB Weld? Duct tape? <g>


Steve Morris     Avon, Ohio
1958 MGA 1500    Red/Black
NAMGAR #5987     BuckAyes Ohio Chapter
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