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RE: A sad day

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Subject: RE: A sad day
From: "Barak" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 19:38:08 -0400
> :Chris, what castle nuts are you trying to remove?  Kingpins?


> :If your plan is to remove the front suspension on a car you're
> :going to crush, I recommend you remove the whole cross member.

I plan on doing that, but I thought I'd get the kingpins off first...
however, they're being so *&^!!! difficult I'm going to take your
suggestions and just take off the whole cross member and then worry later
about separating the pieces.

> :My second thought is, if the cotter pins are that rusted, the
> :nut will be next to impossible to remove without some heat.

Actually, once I got THAT pin out (using a drift as suggested earlier) the
nut turned with minimal effort... now I cant get the anti-roll bar to
separate from the roll bar link or the roll bar link to separate from the
spring pan.  It's been a very frustrating night.  I did manage to get the
spring out by taking out the two rear nuts on the pan.  *sigh*

On the "this was much easier end" I got the steering column out and the dash
off and all of the bits off of it with the exception of the interior light
rheostat, which doesn't want to come out.  I thought that the knob would
just pull off, but that doesn't appear to be the case.  Is there a secret to
removing it?

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.  I appreciate 'me!

Chris Chandler
'70 B "Ghost"
'72 B "Red Baron" (slowly turning into pieces)

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