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Anyone want a '67 MGB for 15K? How about 17K?

Subject: Anyone want a '67 MGB for 15K? How about 17K?
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 13:38:30 -0400

I'll make this amusing story quick....

A few days ago I spotted a '67 B in average shape at a local garage.  Faded 
paint, a few small dents, tired top and interior.  So I called the garage.  
Turns out the car's in for new 6volts and the owner's interested in selling it. 
 How much?  15K.  I think it's a mistake and leave my number.  I figure this 
thing's worth $1,000 to me.  

The owner calls me a few minutes ago.  Am I interested in buying it?  I ask how 
much.  Sure enough,  $15K.  I tell him "That's 10 times what I'd pay for it.  
In the condition I saw, it's worth maybe 1,500 tops, but not to me."  

THen he tells me he has an offer on it for 17K.  I politely tell him to take 
it, and to go any buy 4 B's in similar condition.  

It's amazing how much people think these things are worth.  

Anyone want a '78 Midget with a fresh motor?  Only twenty thousand dollars and 
I'll deliver it anywhere in the continental US.



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