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Re: Spline Grease and Overdrive Lubrication

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Subject: Re: Spline Grease and Overdrive Lubrication
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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 09:27:50 +0100
The o/d uses the same oil as the gearbox, is filled/levelled and drained at
the same points (but there is a drain plug on the earlier o/d but not the
later), and the grade should be the same as used in the engine for your
local climatic conditions e.g. GTX 20W/50 as you say.  Gearbox only is 4.5
UK pints (2.56 litres, 5.6 US pints), with o/d is 5.33 UK pints (3.36
litres, 6 US pints).


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Subject: Spline Grease and Overdrive Lubrication

> Overdrive Lubrication
> After checking the archives for overdrive information,  I could not find
> on the following:
> 1) The preferred lubricant for the overdrive (the same as the
> Castrol GTX 20W-50?)
> 2) the additional volume required by the overdrive unit, or
> 3) more importantly the location of the fill hole (which is not diagrammed
> my 1974 Haynes manual).

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