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Spline Grease and Overdrive Lubrication

Subject: Spline Grease and Overdrive Lubrication
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 14:13:04 EDT
Spline Grease
One thing that I just learned about the maintenance of the splines is to use 
marine grade grease for lubrication.  It is my understanding that the marine 
grade is more suited to staying put and not being washed out in wet weather 
conditions.  This would lead to no grease and potentially rapid wear and 
failure of those nicely balanced wire wheels.  (I am glad to have learned 
this before I got to deal with the real life experience.)

Overdrive Lubrication
After checking the archives for overdrive information,  I could not find much 
on the following:
1) The preferred lubricant for the overdrive (the same as the transmission, 
Castrol GTX 20W-50?)
2) the additional volume required by the overdrive unit, or
3) more importantly the location of the fill hole (which is not diagrammed in 
my 1974 Haynes manual). 
My first assumption is that it is gravity fed by the transmission and that 
would answer question one as well, but I would rather be humble than wrong.

Newly painted pale primrose yellow 69 GT with a factory (?) slide back top. 

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