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Update on success and new problem.

To: "" <>
Subject: Update on success and new problem.
From: James Schulte <>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 16:36:56 -0700
To all that helped on various problems that I've had to work through,
here is an update.  The Hayden fan is up and running in the 70B.  I had
to reverse the ground and power wires to get it to push through the rad
as I had expected.  I had to use a 7 mm die to rethread the starter
post.  It was stripped and 5/16 just was to loose.   I also have
finished the installation of the CD/Stereo in same car with Pioneer
speakers in doors and stand alones in back.  We had a rally yesterday
with beautiful weather but it was good to have the tunes during the
frustrating 45 minutes that we were lost(-: right Larry.  By the way
Larry there were 10 MGs (8 Bs and 2 Midgets)
I put 100 lbs. of sand bags in rear of 70B to help break in the new rear
leaf springs. It was jumping all over the place because the shocks were
fully extended and not enough weight to help the shocks do there job.
I've yet to get to my 78B and it's overdrive switch.  I also may have an
O/D for the 70B coming.  Can I use a late O/D in a 70B?
Now for the new problem,  My fuel and temp gauges seem to be reading to
high.  The fuel gauge is burried until I have less then 3 gallons then
it reacts to 3/4 full.  The temp gauge goes within 1 mm of the H after 5
minutes of running.  I have a new fan running and a probe in the rad set
for 185* and it's not turning on. I've been overriding it with manual
switch to be safe. But gauge still doesn't move towards normal.  The car
is definetly not overheating.  I checked it after a long run yesterday
and it was fine.  So I suspect I have a bad voltage regulator.  How do I
test this?  I have a new spare. I was going to just install it unless
anyone has a better idea.

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