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Early MGB rear panel

To: MG List <>
Subject: Early MGB rear panel
From: S & M Barnes <>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 14:37:08 -0500
Working on replacing the severly battered rear panel including valence on our
1965B right now. The new panel is slightly different to the one fitted on the
car, I assume it is for a later model. I have measured everything carefully,
the fuel filler hole is in the same place and the bumper mount holes are in
the same place but the seams where it joins to the car are different.

On the new panel the seams are just outboard of the fuel filler hole, the old
panel has the seams running through the centre of the fuel filler hole.

I can't decide whether it is better to trim the new panel to fit the existing
seams or trim the body of the car back to match the new panel.

Anybody done this? Any thoughts on which is better? I am starting to lean
towards trimming the new panel but any input would be welcome. Right now I
have cut inboard of the existing seams on the car so i could go either way.

Long time since I have done this - those "first cut nerves" nearly got me!



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