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'Down Under'

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Subject: 'Down Under'
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Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 19:25:30 +1200
Hi Karyn
Re Auckland

> Hello to all my LBC Friends Down Under,
> I will be traveling to Sydney and Auckland from June 22 to July 10.  My
> fifteen year old son will be playing in a soccer tournament in Auckland.
> have some really tacky questions, as only an American will ask.......  I'm
> sure you already know that we are totally uninformed about what it
> in the rest of the world!
> Firstly, I do know that our seasons are very different, so what will the
> weather be like at the end of June..... not a weather forecast, but
> generally?   I need to know what to pack.

Auckland weather is generally mild all year, bit humid in summer, but in
June - July expect day temp about 15 deg C, with occasional rain. Can have
overnight frosts, but these usually clear early leaving a beautiful clear
day.  (no smog) I dont know where soccer tounament is to be held - but
expect to stand on sideline rather than sit in stands. Be prepared for wet
grass, soft ground.
> Also, do you all use 110 or 220, ie.... will my American appliances (hair
> dryer, etc.) work there or should I take the stuff that I use in
> or something totally different?   No point in hauling stuff down there if
> can't use it.........

Power is 240V, 50 cycle.  I think that you can get universal adaptors that
will run hair dryers etc, enquire at your local hardware/electrical place.
> This one is really dumb...... what is the currency and I am assuming that
> can do exchanges in the airports, etc..... as in the UK?   Do you have
> that can access accounts in the states..... I have done that in London and
> Wales.... makes it very convenient.

Some people still use money here, but there is not much that you cant do
with an ATM or credit card though. Visa, Mastercard, Amex is ok. Unit is NZ
dollar, which is worth about 43 cents US.  Makes for a very easy trip from
your side. Tipping is not expected unless perhaps you go to a 'high class'
place. Excellent food and wine at rreasonable prices at mainstream
> Now for the really important stuff...... wonder if there will be any MG
> during that time......  We will be in Sydney for a week..... the on to
> Auckland for a week.... .then to Fiji for a side trip......

I'm not currently a club member, but MG Car Club is very active. Things on
most weekends and during week, plus club nights and pub nights. Active pre
'56 register.
Have a look at
Email contacts - will get you both the club president
and chairman of the pre '56 register. Sue and Ernie will be pleased to help.

Things to do - Its not New York City, but its not Factoryville either. More
that the normal sort of stuff that you would expect to find in a city of
about a million.  The harbour is great, and we still hold the Americas Cup!
My local area is the birthplace of Bruce Mclaren, but our football and
cricket teams are not doing so well at the moment..

> Please forgive my ignorance......but I am capable of even dumber questions
> regarding my cars!!
> Karyn...... TD, A&B!

Cheers Ian F

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