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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 21:51:07 -0600 (MDT)
I have been reading up on ignition systems.  From what I have read, the
original dizzies, due to wearing as much as anything, often are a cause
for lost performance.  

I have a '70B fully de-smogged running a '77 18V low compression engine
with and AL head.

I have three 25D dizzies (2 came with a parts car.)  If I hold the
rotor and wiggle the shaft, 2 of them have a bit of play in them.  This
doesn't seem like a good thing, but I am not certain.  The third is in
my car (STILL AT THE BODY SHOP. MOAN) so I don't know if it wiggles or
not.  The vacuum advance does still advance on the one installed, but I
don't know if the curve is correct for certain, no reason to doubt it

I read a bit on replacement and the 45D is being used for the 25D's now
from what I could tell.

How does the 45D compare to the other options?  

The Mallory dual point looks interesting, and I have seen others use

I have been running both a weber carb and SUs, and have always used the
vacuum advance as that is required. The Mallory comes with vacuum or
mechanical.  What is preferred?  Does it even matter?  I would guess
you would just plug the vacuum line to use the mechanical one over the

Would I be better off rebuilding a 25D or looking at one of the others?

Andrew Lundgren

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