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Re: MGB Engine No. Needed

Subject: Re: MGB Engine No. Needed
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 22:16:37 -0500
At 11:48 AM -0400 4/25/01, wrote:
>I recently acquired a 1957 MGA that was converted to an MGB 1800 engine.
>Being unfamiliar with the various MGB engines, I am trying to identify the
>specific version that's installed so that I can intelligently order parts,
>etc.  The problem is the engine number tag has been removed.  Does this
>number appear any place else on the engine?  I can tell you this: the prior
>owner said he thought it came out of a 1969 MGB and is supposed to be a 5
>main-bearing engine and is linked to an all Syncro. gear box.  It also has
>the 'inverted' oil filter - if that helps in any way to identify it.
I do not know of a way to tell without tearing the engine down, but 
for most stuff you need for maintainance (points, plugs, filters, 
etc) are the same. You will enjoy the 1800 five main engine in your A.

Bob Shaw
Bob Shaw
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