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From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 18:13:58 -0700
The absolute best thing I ever did was to convert to a mallory dual point and 
before I even put it 
in I added a uni-lite kit to it.  This is a conversion kit to make the dual 
point into an optically 
triggered distributor.  The car runs better than it ever has with this set up.  
Mallory makes 
distributors for older american cars with this optical trigger already in it.  
These are called the 
Comp 9000 series.  The problem is that they do not make this series of the 
distributor for the MGB. 
  So I ordered a regular dual point from Moss, then as I said, bought the kit 
to convert it. There 
are Several advantages to this as compared to one of the other conversion kits 
for the stock dist. 
One is that you get a new dist.  which means new bushings etc.  The other is 
that the Uni-lite kit 
is made for mallory dist. by mallory.  And the fit and installation is perfect. 
 On the other hand 
some of the optical units that are made for the stock dist. seem a little hoaky 
to me.  The mallor 
website is  I don't know of any other place to get the kit.  I 
got mine from a VW bug 
not rodding place here in Dallas, because the kit is the same for all of the 
mallory 4cyl 

The Mallory dual point looks interesting, and I have seen others use

I have been running both a weber carb and SUs, and have always used the
vacuum advance as that is required. The Mallory comes with vacuum or

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