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rear hubs and bearings

Subject: rear hubs and bearings
From: mwjose <>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 00:31:41 -0700
Fun to be back on the list.  I was gone for a little while because of no
steady internet access, but now I have that, and, of course, I have a
I am switching the rear axle on my 79 B for another (mine met a bad
fate), and I want to know what specifically to check on the replacement
unit.  I want to change the bearings, and use most of the equipment from
the one I had in the car, just exchanging the axle.  I have new brake
shoes and cylinders, and I am using the brake line from the one in the
car (the replacement was crimped).  Is there any way I can check the
bearings, etc. before I put this thing on my car?
Thanks in advance for any help you have.
No cats were harmed in the repair so far. (sorry)
Mike Jose

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