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Re: Fuel problems continue

To: "J.R. Leach" <>
Subject: Re: Fuel problems continue
From: "Brent Schwartz" <>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 00:17:08 -0500
Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far!

J.R. Leach Wrote:

> Certainly not intending to insult your intelligence but are you sure the fuel 
>lines are corrected to the float bowls correctly ?
> If the fuel lines were connected to the overflow fittings your would  fill 
>the floatbowls until the  float needles closed and then your floatbowls are 
>sealed and won't vent.
> Just a thought.
> Jim

No offense taken.  Actually wrong fuel line connections is good but I checked
them several times already.

I rechecked the pressure gauge and found that it was not calibrated.  10 years 
around in my tool box didn't do it much good.  So the earlier numbers I posted
are definately wrong.  I'll look into a new pressure gauge tomorrow.

Still the symptoms were the same until this afternoon.  Now it runs fine
and keeps the fuel flowing.  All I did this afternoon was
take the bowl covers off and re-check everything for the third time.
Then I reassembled everything and tried running it.  Now the filter
almost always stays empty while the engine is warm but the pump does
keep working and the engine does keep running.

I don't know what fixed it or why.  However, I don't feel
comfortable with the fuel filter being full while the engine
is cold and then gradually emptying once the engine is warm.

I don't consider this a fix, just a remission.  I am sure it will haunt me 

Question:   P.O. removed the emissions systems.  Is it possible that there is 
emissions device still in the fuel line that could be causing this strange 
Examples that come to mind are "Vapor recovery tanks", etc.....  The car is
a 77B but the motor is a 71 with dual SUs and disconnected emissions.

For those interested.... Carl and I have similar problems with our fuel 
delivery systems.
but there are differences in some of the key symptoms.  His doesn't even make 
it to the
warm up stage before his fuel filter goes dry and the pump quits.

Mine is now working to some extent so please help focus on Carl and his fuel
delivery problems.


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