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Re: MGB Purchase Advice

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Subject: Re: MGB Purchase Advice
From: Stuart MacMillan <>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 08:02:04 -0700
Buy this one for its parts for around $250.  Pull the engine and
transmission front and rear hubs, and anything else that looks worth
saving and call a hulk hauler to get rid of the carcass.

Then, while you are looking for a better car you can rebuild the engine
and transmission, and you might also have a set of wires that can be
used to convert a steel wheel car.  Those extra nuts and bolts come in
handy too. 

This is a good way to spread out the costs, and when you find a good car
with minimal rust you will be able to get it going fairly quickly. 

Good luck!

ronking wrote:
> I found an MGB for sale and wanted to get opinions from the list as to
> whether the group thought it was a "good buy" or not.
>    * 1970 MGB, not running but mostly complete including engine, trans,
>      and rear axle; basically a rolling chassis. No, it doesn't have
>      overdrive
>    * Wire wheels in good shape including spare; don't have a clue as to
>      hubs/splines
>    * Body exceptionally straight, however front sheet metal (i.e. area
>      around the radiator support) and front pan pretty bent up.  Car was
>      definitely in some kind of front end accident but doesn't appear
>      too totaled
>    * Some minor outer body rust, however floorpans definitely gone, and
>      looks like some serious rust in the bulkhead area around the master
>      cylinder
>    * No title
>    * Car sat out for over 15 years, but supposedly was tarped.
>    * Car has spent all its life in California
Stuart MacMillan

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'65 MGB (Daily driver since 1969)
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'72 MGB GT (Was daughter's, now son's)
'64 MGB (Son's)

Stripped and gone but their parts live on:
'68 MGB, '73 MGB, '67 MGB GT

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