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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 08:50:14 -0300
I don't know much about the interaction of distributors, vacuum advances,
and engine specs, but I can tell you that my 1973 MGB GT has a  Marina 18V
engine, with AUD550 HIF-4 carbs, a 41155 25D4 distributor and associated
vacuum advance, and compares very well performance-wise to a friend's 73 B
GT that has the proper engine and distributor system.  I wouldn't describe
the performance as wonky.  I guess that this maybe the exception that proves
the rule.


        Kelvin Dodd wrote:

        What 25D?  18V engine with what carburation?  

        If it is an early 25D dist. connected up to the vacuum port of the
        then the characteristics get kinda wonky and you will not be a happy

        If it is a 25D off an HIF equipped car, then it should work ok if
timed to
        HIF spec.

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