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Rocker/sill panels

Subject: Rocker/sill panels
From: Phil Cleobury <>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 08:08:52 -0700 (PDT)
A request for opinion and ethics!

Im restoring a 1968 B roadster.

I have just removed the front wings/fenders.

One side is fine with just some surface rust in the
bottom of the sill /rocker area but the other has some
holeing and is corroded quite badly.

The rest of the middle "castle" section and inner
sill/rocker is fine - (Its an ex California car and
the previous owner used the car in the "sand" which
has been lying in the gap between the sill/rocker and
the outer wing for years - the panels/box sections
where filled with some type of rust inhibitor and
therefore the car is not rusty anywhere else.

My question is - should I cut the Just the front of
the outer rocker/sill out and replace with new metal,
possibly cutting the front off a new rocker panel for
the shape/profile and seam wield or should I replace
the hole outer rocker/sill - with all the hassle of
removing the door posts even though all the exposed
parts other than the hidden (under fender/wing) bit is
in good condition.

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