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Brake/clutch master cylinder

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Subject: Brake/clutch master cylinder
From: Jim Davis <>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 12:10:07 -0500
I have started a restoration on a friends 1965 MG Midget. This car sat with
all fluids still in it for over 12 years. needless to say it is a huge
project. My friend thought that I would be able to repair the brake system
and she would be able to drive it by June (this year!!!!!!!).
My first question to the list is the best source for parts, I made my first
order through Moss. My second more specific question is, where can I obtain
a brake/clutch master cylinder?
Thanks for any help!

Jim Davis
1974 TR6
1965 MG Midget (I wish it was mine)

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