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Re: what makes a car a "Classic?"

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Subject: Re: what makes a car a "Classic?"
From: "Eddie Sheffield" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 10:46:18 -0400
I would add:

 o Something that makes a couple of kids stick their heads out the window of
the fairly new-looking Suburban they are riding in and shout "Whoa! Cool!"

Which would make my Midget a classic. ;-)

1971 "Whoa! Cool!" Midget

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Subject: Re: what makes a car a "Classic?"

> I guess my thoughts on this (what I had in mind when I asked the question
> about driving a classic daily) are as follows:
> o Something 'different' from the norm for most people
> o Something that would make people ask 'You drive THAT everyday??'
> o Something simple enough to do most mechanical work myself (I'm
>    one that doesn't want to mess with the computers in my car) and
>    for which I would not need to have several spare parts cars lying
>    around... I.e., parts were available thru the usual suspects
> o Something that I would not worry about driving in rain and snow (well,
>   not too much..)
> o Something reliable enough to take on trips of up to 3 or 4
>   hours from home
> o Automatic transmissions need not apply!
> o Something that would leak in my driveway!

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