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Re: what makes a car a "Classic?"

Subject: Re: what makes a car a "Classic?"
From: Eric <>
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 07:28:19 +0000
This thread is interesting in that it seems that many people take the
term 'Classic' as being rather arbitrary - although I do allow that the
term 'classic' can be used however you may deem appropriate at the time.

As far as I always was aware the definitions for eligibility in the
different categories in Australia are:

Veteran:  Pre-1917
Vintage:  Pre-1931
Classic:  25 years old or more (no 'gee-whiz' factor mentioned here)

Legislation in South Australia provides for 'Historic' registration
(allows for reduced licence fee with restrictions on miles driven) for
vehicles older than 30 years.

Most 'competition' eligibility here seems to set 'Classic' as pre-1970
although as years go by they are having to re-think this and some are
going to pre-1975, but there were some rather dramatic engineering leaps
made after (and around) 1970 that makes this year seem an appropriate
barrier between cars that could *really* be dis/advantaged when pitted
against each other purely on age basis (even allowing for classes of
engine capacity, number of cylinders, turbo-charged/non-turbo-charged,
rotary/non-rotary etc. etc.).

Some 'special' Classic Car competition events may even offer a list of
eligible vehicles that have been defined as having a 'proven racing

There is even talk now of post 1970/1 'Modern Classic' cars!  But
generally it seems that as we pass 2000 the 1970 cut-off is causing some
concern and is under review by most bodies.  As the authoritative
competition reference, the 2001 Manual of Motorsport in Australia even
has a grouping for 'Historic' vehicles up to 1977 - now doesn't THAT
make you feel OLD!

South Australia

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