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Re: what makes a car a "Classic?"

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Subject: Re: what makes a car a "Classic?"
From: "R. O. Lindsay" <>
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 10:44:37 -0500
   Perhaps the first step is defining what is meant by 'classic.'
I've heard everything from age to wooohooo!  In my limited
sphere of influence, a classic is:

o Older (pre '80s?
o Possibly a limited production run or currently limited number
o Terrific design lines
o Good driving car with predictable manners
o Good Wooohooo factor

Examples of classics: MGs, Triumphs (sorry), Aston Martins,
Jaguars, Ferraris, Lambos, Lotus (what is the plural of Lotus
anyway?), Lancias, BMWs, the NSX, '60s Mustangs,...

Example that are NOT and never will be classics: Mini vans,
'80's GM cars, Crown Vics, Impalas -- even the one that is
supposed to be a classic (classic taxi cab, I'd say), most
post '70s Japanese cars, etc.

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